Mica en Pipa

(november 2015)

Me and my partner would like to say that we so very grateful to Coby Malogrino during our very difficult situation regards our 2 beautiful  Cats Mica and Pipa.

First  we would like to say thank you for all the help during the adoption process two years ago.  After our Cat Pupa passed away we felt that we need to be strong and look for a new baby for us, we looked  everywhere  until  we find the website with possibilities to have a new Cat and Coby was the surrogate mother. So we phoned  her  and made an appointment  to see Mica. On arrival at her house we noticed how dedicated and focus she was regards the little ones.

For our surprise that was the beautiful  Mica and his brother Pipa 2 very little amazing creatures and we just fall in love with both of them, we just couldn’t  have them separated and we ask if we could have both and for our pure joy she said yes. That was so beautiful  the possibility to keep the 2 little brothers together .

Coby helped us during the entire adoption process  with so much love and attention, at no moment felt  mechanical  and just  given 2 cat away but the opposite.

The care and respect for this 2 littles lives whom were found on the streets  and on the hands of Coby . From the first day in our house  Mica and Pipa knew how to go to the toilet and be just a joy without  words to describe , because that we knew we have done the right thing to go via a responsible person with an attitude of love and respect.

Coby since the first day she told us that if you ever need anything  to never hesitate to be in touch for any support. All most 2 years went without any problems, they play, the slept, eat, even going to the toilet  together. Two beautiful  creatures that gave to our house a touch of peace and joy.

Until one day for no reason  Mica and Pipa  went for each other like two monsters like I never seeing  before( and I had cats before then). We had to separate both of them , one upstairs and the other downstairs. It really hurt to see to very close friends so good  together and now this, was really difficult to see it and so much sadness. But  then we remember to contact Coby to ask for help. From the day we phoned she was so kind and sensitive to the situation.

We made an appointment  for the same night with no problem or hesitation. On Coby’s arrival we immediately felt good and we knew everything was going to be ok. She told us exactly  what to do, what not do and when, just everything really. With one week doing  on the letter everything she told us Mica and Pipa once again became the 2 friends full of love and playfulness .We are so very grateful for everything Coby did for Mica and Pipa from the very beginning.

Time to time we send Coby some photos to let her know that they are just fine. For us Coby allways will be Mica and Pipa’s  mother.  

For me and Gio  our animals are the School to learn how to be better Humans. They need care and so much love because they love us so much and without  conditions.

We love our cats and we Love you Coby.

Paulo Ferreira and Giovanni Pileri